We will follow the latest government COVID-19 advice and guidelines at all times and for all courses, with micro-classes and one-to-one only.

We will be working on days when the Planet Eat TV Studio is empty of all other crew/admin/staff, having been thoroughly cleaned beforehand and with hand-gel readily available.

We will be socially distancing to at least 2-metres – there is more than enough space in and around the TV studio – and for any interviewing or co-presenting items we will record at least 1 metre apart.

We already work outside the studio as much as possible; filming around the studio area, around Wandsworth High St., the River Thames and any one of several local areas.

For those just wanting a SHOWREEL recorded and for anyone wishing to record clips further afield, we can meet outdoors at various central London locations, and rehearse/record clips there.

As the government COVID-19 advice changes, particularly regarding numbers and locations, we will follow the guidelines accordingly and update you.

Any further questions, please call or email.